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Why host with us?

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We provide hosting services to the Open Source world.

There are several advantages to hosting your infrastructure at the OSL.

We are housed at Oregon State University which has graciously provided us with ample machine room space with redundant power and uplinks to the outside world. We receive our connection through NERO who currently has uplinks to Level3, Sprint, Williams Telecommunications and of course Internet2. As of this writing, we have 2 x OC48 circuits for driving traffic out of the Open Source Lab (one for commodity and one for Internet2).

In addition to fantastic connectivity, we also provide a wide range of services that you can leverage to take the load off of your machines and allow you to focus on what is needed and not replicating a lot of services.

We are able to host machines of many different types but ideally would be hosting rack-mounted machines (as they are the easiest to deal with). However, we have several desktop-grade machines that we currently host.

For more information on hosting possibilities contact us at hosting-requests at osuosl dot org.

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