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Jason McKerr2005-08-06
Wow, so I went to the Open Source Conference this year and it was great for us. The OSL/OTBC/POSSE party was great. The conference was fun. But best of all, I won a friggin brand new Gibson Les Paul Studio in “Wine Red.” It goes in the fun room now with [...]
Michael Clay2005-07-28
This week has been just weird. It’s been full of a lot of ups and downs and all kinds of interesting things. The first thing interesting list seems to be my car. It’d been acting funny for about a month and I THOUGHT it was nothing… THOUGHT. It all started when [...]
Michael Clay2005-07-14
Had to pull the blog down for a while to update it to the new version. As a result, my theme is gone… sadface
Jason McKerr2005-06-27

OK, this is the third and final installment of using Spring and Object/RelationalBridge (OJB) together. This entry covers using JNDI datasource lookups when combining OJB and Spring, and getting back to normal OJB caching strategies.

Jason McKerr2005-06-23

OK, in the previous installment of Spring, Struts, and OJB we got things up and running, integrating OJB and Spring to use Declarative Transactions with OJB's PersistenceBroker engine. Good stuff, all in all. I promise, this article is much shorter. Now we have a new application that enhances the first one somewhat by using a "true" Data Access Object pattern.

Jason McKerr2005-06-22
I'm going to do a couple of short articles on integrating Spring with OJB (and Apache Struts, although that is somewhat incidental). I'm actually going to do three of these, all using the same application. The application that I am using is Matt Raible's AppFuse MyUsers application. My app can be found here. Matt's can be found here I have taken Matt's application, which already supports OJB and simplified it quite a bit for newbies. Here are some changes that I made:
  • I removed all the other DataAccess implementations. There's no extra code in here for Hibernate, EJB, iBatis or whatever.
  • Matt used two different Interfaces (UserManager and UserDAO) for his persistence and Data Access Objects (DAO) objects. That means that his access strategy object (UserDAOOjb) implemented UserDAO and his service objects (UserManagerImpl) implemented the UserManager Interface: This despite the fact that UserManager and UserDAO are essentially the same object. I felt it better if both objects implement the same interface for simplicity's sake.
Alex Polvi2005-06-22
Alright, here I am, with a wifi connection in hand. Lets talk. Parents friends rule Kyle, thank you for being my friend. Via our relationship I was able to share the time with two wonderful people, Karl and Amy. I am quite certain that they are two of the nicest to people ever exist. Not only did [...]
Alex Polvi2005-06-09
OSU news gave Brandon and I some props today. Thanks OSU news! Bigger thanks to the OSL. Mozilla too :) INTERNSHIPS MAY AID COMPUTER USERS, CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES 06-06-05 By David Stauth, 541-737-0787 SOURCES: Alex Polvi, Brandon Philips, CORVALLIS - Two undergraduate engineering students at Oregon State University who gained valuable computer software programming experience with the university’s Open [...]
Brandon Philips2005-05-06
In the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to watch releases of both Mozilla (1.0.3) and the Linux Kernel ( aka Woozy Beaver). These are two of the largest open source projects in existence today and watching the release, build, bug tracking, and communication systems used by these projects was an eye [...]
Brandon Philips2005-05-03
At InnoTech I met Ed Sawicki of the Portland Area Network Users Group. Ed is working on a new book about DNS outside of the world of BIND and was very interested in Maintain since it uses Tinydns as a backend. In any case he convinced me to give a presentation. On [...]
Brandon Philips2005-04-02
UPDATE: Demo offline permanently UPDATE: I moved my development site to a workstation here at home. It is a slow old box so be gentle, it is serving a little under 10req/s, but it works. Over the last few weeks I have been seeing what I can do with Ruby on Rails. My conclusion? [...]
Brandon Philips2005-02-08
The last few days have been alot of fun and required the help of a few friends. There have definitely been some challenges, but in the end it has been rewarding. The GentooBugDay was a great experience, I got two bug fixes submitted 77328 and 68277. It is a start, and [...]

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