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Alex Polvi2006-06-05
… but my last day as an employee at the Mozilla Corporation is June 9th. By the end of next week I will have worked for Mozilla for exactly 1 year. I thought it would be appropriate to talk about my experience at Mozilla via a chronological “highlights reel”. So yeah, here it is… Polvi’s Mozilla Highlights [...]
Mike Morgan2006-05-19
Most persons do not see the sun. At least they have a very superficial seeing. The sun illuminates only the eye of the man, but shines into the eye and heart of the child.- Nature, Emerson Open source can be any number of things, depending on who you’re asking. To the hacker it’s about teamwork, [...]
Mike Morgan2006-04-14
In part 1 of this post I talked about some of the challenges we encountered when trying to scale a LAMP application. It’s pretty much what you’d read on danga’s memcached site, just dumbed down. So after some discussion, caffeine and Googling, you’ll probably end up knowing you’ll need: Memcached! An internal cache to speed up and [...]
Mike Morgan2006-04-04
The public rewrite of AMO was released today. Fixed in this release: Stuff More stuff Scalability Other stuff No, but seriously, you might find that your bookmarks are a little off, or _____. If so, find us on irc in and let us know — we aren’t at the “file a bug if it’s broke” stage yet. Thanks to [...]
Brandon Philips2006-04-03
My first lecture of the term was today at 9am: Operating Systems II. Paul Paulson, OSU instructor, detailed what I have known for a few months: this class will now use the Linux Kernel and simulate a class size open source community. The required text is “Linux Kernel Development” by Robert Love (a [...]
Brandon Philips2006-03-31
Today I stayed home but wanted to do some work on the Registry. However, I don’t have a workstation at home with the specs to run IntelliJ with any reasonable speed. Furthermore, I was hoping that dumping the ultra slick IDE will help me learn a bit more about the Java environment. Eclipse [...]
Scott Kveton2006-03-18
For the past two years I’ve been hearing about grid computing and how utility computing is going to revolutionize the industry. I never really saw the application for it. When I saw that Sun’s grid play had zero customers by October of last year, I was feeling pretty smug about it. Does [...]
Scott Kveton2006-03-09
We’ve been having a rousing discussion on the POSSE list over the last couple of days spurred on by David Myers, the founder of He posted a great set of questions that I took the time to follow-up on. I’m posting the questions and my responses to them here as a chance [...]
Scott Kveton2006-02-28
The on-line identity space has always been fascinating to me. We all have on-line identities but today they are siloed in places like Yahoo!, Amazon and eBay. My identity (and subsequent reputation) is locked in these sites (sometimes referred to Identity v1.0). Every site you go to wants information from you to [...]
Alex Polvi2006-02-28
I have been thinking a lot about different open source business models. The February Issue of CIO magazine covers with the words “FREE CODE (for sale), Inside the Buying and Selling of Open Source”, so I could not pass it up. In particular, there is a section called, “Your Guide to Open-Source Business Models”. The [...]
Scott Kveton2006-02-14
There is a trend that is occurring in the enterprise open source space that could become very lucrative in the coming years. For those of you attending OSBC this week, listen up. The open source development model continues its march into just about every space that software exists in. Today, I want to talk [...]
Scott Kveton2006-01-30
(I’m telling the whole story here simply to get everyone up to speed — I often forget that I see more of this story than others so I want to share completely) Update: FLOSS == Free/Libre/Open Source Software During OSCON 2005, I had a chance to meet with some folks involved with the Drupal project. At [...]
Scott Kveton2006-01-07
Jason McKerr and I will be down in San Francisco on Monday through Wednesday night spreading open source goodness and hopefully getting some traction on the creation of a FOSS Foundation. More on that below. Chris Messina has been kind enough to organize a meetup of folks in the Bay Area to have a beer [...]
Scott Kveton2006-01-03
Free Geek is one of the most progressive community organizations I have ever seen. I had heard about it years ago through a friend and they said “you have to see this place”. At the time I wasn’t interested; a bunch of geeks recycling computers? That didn’t sound like my idea of [...]
Scott Kveton2005-12-30
What if we had a “best viewed in Firefox” day? The idea here is to have people sign up to switch their sites for one day only to a page that says “best viewed in Firefox”. On that page they would have links to download the latest version of Firefox and a link [...]

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