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Brandon Philips2005-12-30
Recently I recieved an email from Jay Lyman of who wanted my input on an article he is working on: I heard you talk a little about your work developing software at NASA when I got a tour of the OSU Open Source Lab earlier this year. As I recall, you mentioned that some of [...]
Alex Polvi2005-12-21
Not only does free software keep computers and their users happy, it also keeps me warm! The sweater was custom made by a local emblem shop in Salem, OR. It features a tux, mozilla, and a gnu (oh, the irony). Go Beavs! Go F/OSS! Katrina, the lovely model. More photos.
Alex Polvi2005-12-14
I wrote up a bunch of cruft related to a server management app. Corey has worked on such an app…. in fact the tool I purpose would probably use his app. The Ubuntu community provided all the framework for the discussion. Also, I really think they can pull it off. Launchpad (ubuntu thing) Wiki page (long detailed version) Ubuntu-devel [...]
Michael Clay2005-11-02
The Maintain project just gained another team member, Fred Wenzel. Fred is a grad student from Germany and has recently landed himself a position as a developer at the Open Source Lab and has subsequently been assigned to the Maintain project. His expertise is a very welcome addition to the Maintain project. In other [...]
Alex Polvi2005-10-26
The Barometer ran an article today about Google’s donation to OSU. This is indeed news worthy… and I am happy for google and Oregon. However, in the final paragraph they quote me, “We don’t really have education for open source software here on campus,” he said. “I can go to my computer science classes and [...]
Alex Polvi2005-10-25
Today the Governor announced that Google has donated $350,000 to OSU, PSU, and the OSL. I am so happy to see a company stick its money where its mouth is by supporting open source in education. If this money is spent well, I have a hunch that it will be the first of many such donations. Read [...]
Michael Clay2005-10-19
There isn’t as much to report this time around on the Maintain front. Lately I’ve been interviewing and gearing up to hire a new developer on the project. As soon as the forms are all signed, “i”s dotted and “t”s crossed, I’ll make another post to welcome the new addition to the Maintain [...]
Michael Clay2005-10-07
Currently, with classes starting development has slowed down quite a bit. A hectic schedule and homework has cut into my dev and makes everything feel like it’s a crawl. As it were though, with the new student dev position I should be able to have Maintain back under a decent development pace again. [...]
Michael Clay2005-09-26
Had a 3 day weekend before classes at my college started and it just feels so quiet… It’s so odd how when you’re away for anything longer than the usually scheduled time it always feels so quiet when you get back. I’m hoping that changes soon with some more hard work and big [...]
Michael Clay2005-09-26
Ok classes started today! I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about that fact, but no use bellyaching over it now because… well… there’s really nothing that I can do to change the fact. I’m going to need to scurry off and talk to my Japanese teacher today at around 2:00 just [...]
Michael Clay2005-09-19
Building on Maintain continues. The community site has hit one snag, the project module for Drupal 4.6.3 is rather buggy, and isn’t going to function as our bug tracking system. We’ll have to find another one to use instead, or wait until a new release that fixes some critical problems we’re having (rumor [...]
Michael Clay2005-09-15
This is the first post in a hopefully regularly updated blog for the Maintain community. I have been working on the OSUOSL’s Maintain project since the beginning of this summer. Since then, a lot has change. It’s been undergoing nearly a complete rewrite, but it’s going great. Along with the rewrite, we’ve also [...]
Alex Polvi2005-09-06
For some reason I dislike rsync. I could go into why, but that is not the point. I just started off that way because I wanted to lead into that I have been pondering alternative ways to mirror software. Initially a few of us tossed around the idea of using RSS feeds to mirror data. [...]
Michael Clay2005-09-01
Just figured I’d come on and make an entry seeing as I haven’t in a long while… Just not much out of the ordinary has been happening until today, and even today is going to be a short lived little entry. At work we had to bid farewell to leader of the project I was [...]
Alex Polvi2005-08-07
I had an entertaining time at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference. Went mainly to network with people, help at the booth and attend conference sessions. One of the sessions showed off Bacula and it looks like a good fit for the Mozilla infra (proposal pending further research/alternatives). We thought we would get a lot more questions [...]

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