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This module allows end-users to automatically register their computer on a Public or Private network. Public networks require a login to the Maintain system. Private networks can be further restricted by a ACL database that contains usernames of allowed users. The current Automatic Registration module is able to handle any number of distinct sites, each with its own ACL, templates, and rules. Oregon State University uses this module to register users for the Public wireless network, and to register computers in the Residence halls.


  • End User registration of their own machine without support staff's intervention.
  • Authentication controls to limit which users can add hosts.
  • Configurable, per-user, host limits.
  • Easy management of users' hosts, ability to disable all of their hosts with one click.
  • Ability to setup any number of distinct Public or Private networks.
  • Distinct templates for each site, or one page fits all.
  • Configurable cross-population of hosts; registration in a Private network automatically registers hosts in any network with cross-populate set.

Config Files:



  • A zone with at least one Dynamic Range per Autoreg Site
    • Table containing allowed users if ACL is enabled
    • Table containing IP --> Hardware Address if "free addresses" is used
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