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For the last 15 years Oregon State University has used a set of command-line scripts written by Bill Ayres and other folks here at Network Engineering to manage all of OSU's host information. These scripts would generate the appropriate configuration files for our network and then deploy them every hour. Around about 2000, the President of the University wanted to migrate from to The set of command-line scripts was not ready to handle this migration.

Like many Universities, Oregon State University places many demands on its networks. With new devices and needs arising all the time we found we needed a better way to manage our core DNS and DHCP host information.

In 2001, Scott Kveton was hired to develop and deploy a new system to manage all components of Oregon State University's DNS and DHCP infrastructure. The following set of requirements were given:

  • Web-based interface
  • Ability to delegate authority of zone information to individual users/groups
  • Quick updates (changes need to be reflected within 10 minutes)
  • Advanced error reporting for zone transfers and DHCP server problems
  • Generate zone files and DHCP configurations for primary and secondary DNS & DHCP servers
  • Edit host information including MAC address, hostname, domain name, etc.
  • Zone statistics such as total bandwidth used and bandwidth history for individual hosts
  • Support for automatic registration on public networks (using authentication)
  • Search by hostname, domain, zone, IP address and any other DNS type
  • Ability to develop additional features through a module interface
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