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Maintain's most frequently asked questions
  1. The update time for my host is ridiculous and large - how is that calculated?

    The host update times are based off of the refresh time for the SOA on the domain that it belongs to, times two. The multiplier is in there so that people do not jump the gun and email support if something is taking longer then expected.

    Fix: Admin->Domain->List->SOA and edit the refresh time

  2. I am running MySQL 4.1.x and I can no longer login, or I can only login in debug mode

    Version 4.1 of MySQL introduced a new password hashing algorithm for its internal user table. That is, password hashes went from 16 characters to 41 characters. This means your MySQL users, and your Maintain database user, are no longer able to authenticate using MySQL's PASSWORD() hash. For new local users, Maintain calls MySQL's PASSWORD() hash specifically. Starting with MySQL 4.0.11, support for the function OLD_PASSWORD() was introduced, which generates the 16-character hash.

    When upgrading MySQL, the database's internal USERS table is left unchanged until mysql_fix_privilege_tables is executed. DO NOT RUN THAT SCRIPT! PHP4 has no support for this new password hash, and no amount of patching will add this functionality. However, if you have upgraded, and your MySQL users table is still using the old hashes, there is a patch available.

    Download the patch here:

  3. I am running PHP5 and <something weird>

    PHP5 offers some major changes in the way PHP handles objects. It also includes a larger set of database tools, including support for MySQL 4.1.x. As of right now, Maintain does not support PHP5, but support is planned in the future.

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