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OSL hosts an open PowerPC 64 dev environment

IBM has contributed a IBM 970 processor-based Apple Power Mac G5 providing the Linux Open Source development community free access to a 64-bit Linux on Power Architecture platform. Accounts will be free and open to developers worldwide who are wishing to develop on a 64 big PPC platform. For more information, please visit

  • Last Modified: 2006-02-08

Governor Kulongoski Announces New Open Source Technology Initiative by Oregon Universities

(Salem, OR) – Governor Ted Kulongoski today announced the contribution of $350,000 by search technology leader Google Inc. to a joint open source technology initiative of Oregon State University and Portland State University. With the grant, the universities will collaborate to encourage open source software and hardware development, develop academic curricula and provide computing infrastructure to open source projects worldwide. The universities will also help provide a bridge between Oregon’s universities and Oregon’s growing open technology industry.

  • Last Modified: 2005-10-25 at the OSL is now operating on a set of servers that is shared between MIT and the OSL with the development clusters living at the OSL. Previously the project was hosted at the HP Cambridge Research Lab which is now closed. Read the announcement below or visit (note: George France deserves a lot of credit for the upkeep and existance of, he has and continues to put countless hours into the project.)

  • Last Modified: 2005-10-24

Bus Project and POSSE Visit OSL

On Friday, September 30th, 2005 we had a visit from the Bus Project and the Portland Open Source Software Entrepeneurs (POSSE).

  • Last Modified: 2005-10-12

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