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Systems monitoring now available

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The OSL is now opening up it's system monitoring (via Nagios) to the communities hosted here. Read more for the details.

The OSL takes an active interest in the systems hosted here, even those that are not managed by the OSL. Nagios has been employed for some time to monitor the status of hosts here at the OSL, and recently we have moved to a new Nagios 2.0 server with a setup that will allow community members to log in and view the status of their systems. This also makes it possible for users to be automatically notified when their systems experience problems.

Contact support at to request an account. This will grant you access to the nagios web interface at to view system status, schedule downtime, and acknowledge outages. Let us know if you would like to receive notifications as well (e-mail and/or pager). You will be given access to information for machines that you use and manage only.

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