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Document Actions is now operating on a set of servers that is shared between MIT and the OSL with the development clusters living at the OSL. Previously the project was hosted at the HP Cambridge Research Lab which is now closed. Read the announcement below or visit (note: George France deserves a lot of credit for the upkeep and existance of, he has and continues to put countless hours into the project.)

Due to the closure of HP's Cambridge Research Lab, the site will be down Friday October 21st at noon EST until Saturday October 22 22:00 EST while services are being migrated to their new locations at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Oregon State University (OSU).

Thanks go to HP for the donation of the servers and equipment to, Inc..

  • Especially Rich Zippel, Frank Bomba and Richard Lampman.
  • Lou Baccari for preparing equipment to be shipped.
  • Rodney Oliver for shipping logistics.
  • Jamey Hicks for facilitating the initial connection with MIT.
  • Andrew Christian for helping sort and gather the bits and pieces.
  • Brian Avery for being around.
  • Bob Iannucci (Compaq) for executive support from the beginning.

Thanks go to the Open Source Lab (OSL) at OSU for hosting

  • Especially Corey Shields for installation of the equipment and staying at OSU well past midnight resolving issues during my visit to OSL OSU.
  • Scott Kveton for working with on short notice.
  • Keith Packard for facilitating the initial connection with OSL OSU.

Thanks go to the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT for hosting

  • In particular, we thank The Infrastructure Group (T!G) for rack space and network access and Dorothy Curtis for access to the rack and a console.
  • Garrett Wollman for network access.
  • Anthony Zolnik for rack space.
  • Noah Meyerhans for DNS clues (and rack space).
  • Frank Tilley for being around.

...and to everybody that I forgot to mention.

The result of these transitions will be a much more reliable and robust site for all the users with higher bandwidth and better fail over.

--George France

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