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OSL Scaling Back Network Usage on

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Due to uncontrollable circumstances the OSL is having to temporarily cut its bandwidth usage on

Effective immediately is no longer the primary mirror for Gentoo (also known as If you are currently using and are a customer of NERO you can point at Indiana University has graciously agreed to take the load for in the interim.

I would like to make it clear that we had to make a decision to cut our usage on in an effort to provide better services for our hosted partners. In looking at the mirror landscape we felt that being just-another-mirror was not in our best interest. Instead, we believe that our real value to the community is in providing managed services and primary mirror hosting via rsync for the likes of Gentoo Linux and Mozilla.

Any other services hosted on our network will not be affected by this.

I would like to stress that this is a temporary situation that will be alleviated soon. We have several new partners coming on that are going to greatly expand our capacity.

Please contact me (scott/\ if you have any questions about this. Thanks everybody.

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