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There is no more need to hunt down the individual blogs of the OSL team, as we now have an aggregate site! The OSL welcomes "Planet OSL". Click the link in the menu to see post previews, or jump directly to the posts from the PlanetOSL box below the menu. Credit goes to Danny for hacking this into plone.

The downloadable version of CMFSin is over two years old now, and several people had noticed a problem with feeds containing certain encoded characters. Danny has modified the base backage of CMFSin-0.6.1 to contain the following features:

  1. Properly handle Unicode characters greater than 256
  2. The ability to sort not only by "random" or "simple," but by "date" as well.
  3. The addition of a "channel" entry in each row so that ZPT templates can determine, and display, the channel a particular entry is from.

These modifications can be downloaded either by Subversion (svn) at or as a tarball at

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