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A listing of the OSL's esteemed alumni

Danny Robert, Maintain Developer, Content Administrator

Danny Robert

Danny worked at the OSL from May 2004 through August 2005. He set up and maintained this website and helped in the Maintain 2.6 release.

Danny can be reached at danny-at-osuosl-dot-org. You can also read more about him on his homepage.

Danny has taken a position at the Christian Science Publishing Society working on their deployment of open source technologies in their infrastructure. Good luck Danny!

Stanislav Trubin, Enterprise Developer

Stanislav Trubin

Stan worked at the OSL from May 2004 through July 2005. He worked on the Ockham project. He plans to work on GIS and other science-related projects in the future.

Stan can be reached at stan-at-osuosl-dot-org. You can also read more about him on his Homepage.

Stan has taken a job at as Software Development Engineer in Test in Seattle, WA.

Deedra Waters, Hosting and Infrastructure Fellow

Deedra Waters

Deedra was the OSL's community system administrator. You can find out more from her personal page.

Deedra can be reached at dmwaters-at-osuosl-dot-org.

Deedra took a job with GenUX to help lead their development efforts around Gentoo Linux for the enterprise.

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