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OSUOSL Visit to Japan

OSUOSL Visit to Japan

Deb and MatzDeb Bryant, the OSU Open Source Lab's Public Sector Communities Manager, was recently invited to participate in a number of events in and around Matsue City, located in the Shimane Prefecture of Japan. The region has drawn national recognition for the Matsue "Ruby City" project, a highly innovative initiative to promote open source software through a collaborative partnership created by local industry, academia, and government.

While in Japan, Deb participated in a number of events to help share what the state of Oregon, industry, government, and the OSL has learned through its years in supporting the growth of the Open Source Community. The visit included meetings with Shimane University's President Honda; Matsue's mayor; Shimane Prefecture's governor; keynoting at a seminar for industry and government; addressing the 37th Open Source Salon of the Open Source Software Society Shimane; spending time with colleagues from Japan's IPA Open Source Lab (their national referendum on OSS); National Applied Communication Labs and Mr. Inoue and Matz.

Many thanks especially go to Mr. Doi from the City of Matuse, to Mr. Noda of Shimane University, and especially to Mr. Tansho Deb's host and translator - and of course to Shimane University which sponsored the visit.

Above you can find a picture of Deb Bryant with Yukihiro Matsumoto ("Matz"), the chief designer of the Ruby programming language. Nice OSL shirt, Matz! More pictures are available on Flickr: finds new home at OSUOSL finds new home at OSUOSL
3/03/09 is now being run by the Linux Foundation and, along with most of the other Linux Foundation infrastructure, is hosted at the OSU Open Source Lab.

The site has historically been a source for articles, information, and online forums about the Linux operating system. Under the Linux Foundation, the site will undergo a face lift in the coming months. An IdeaForge site has been launched at where you can view and make suggestions about what you would like to see on the future site.

OSUOSL Announces new Sponsorship Programs

OSUOSL Announces new Sponsorship Programs

Today, the Oregon State University Open Source Lab has announced two new sponsorship programs: the OSL Alliance and Friends of the OSL.

The full press release is available here.

For questions regarding donations to the lab, please contact

OSUOSL Introduces Open Source Digital Voting Project to Portland Dev Community

OSUOSL Introduces Open Source Digital Voting Project to Portland Dev Community

On February 18th the Oregon State University Open Source Lab is welcoming the Open Source Digital Voting Foundation to the Portland community. The OSDV Foundation is a Silicon Valley based public benefits corporation whose mission is to work to restore trust in how America votes through the design, development, and demonstration of open source digital voting technology. The OSDV Foundation is now raising public awareness, and expanding efforts including a planned development center in Portland, Oregon.

The agenda for the evening: Gregory Miller, Chief Development Officer and E. John Sebes, Chief Technology Officer will talk about the project, its motivation, founding, and development efforts to date; the technology road map and major projects; development philosophies and approaches to design and development; opportunities for involvement.

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area please drop by and find out more about this project:

What: TrustTheVote! Intro in Portland, Oregon
When: Feb 18, 2009, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.,
Where: CubeSpace, 622 SE Grand Ave, Portland

More info on the project:

OSUOSL Hosts OpenMRS Development

OSUOSL Hosts OpenMRS Development

OpenMRS is an open source electronic medical record system framework. Led by the Regenstrief Institute and Partners In Health, OpenMRS has been implemented in several countries including South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda, and Tanzania.

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab is providing hosting for the OpenMRS Development Website including a Trac instance at and the OpenMRS subversion repository. We are happy to provide services to OpenMRS and support their efforts in bringing usable medical information systems to developing countries where HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis are a major problem.

"We've been growing the OpenMRS community for over four years now, largely building up our online community presence in our spare time. Fortunately, we grew beyond the point where this hosting approach made sense for us.  In our conversations with the top open source projects, Oregon State University's Open Source Lab was repeatedly introduced as a perfect transition strategy for an organization like ours.  I've found them to be the perfect balance of fun and easy to work with as well as professional when it counts.  We are confident in their ability to manage our mission critical code repository and online web presence.  I couldn't recommend them highly enough!" -- Paul Biondich, co-founder, OpenMRS