Google Summer of Code 2007

Want to write open source software this summer?
Want to make money?
Want to do both?

The Open Source Lab is proud to announce that we have been selected as a mentoring organization for the fantastic Google Summer of Code for 2007.

Last year Google spent $3,000,000 to fund 630 student projects across 90 countries with the help of over 100 mentoring organizations. Google Summer of Code is back again in 2007!

Google Summer of Code is expressly designed to get the brightest minds on campus contributing code to open source initiatives and inventing new open source programs. After all, while altruistic motives are praiseworthy and the rewards of peer recognition sweet, the idea of a financial prize for stellar work predates the Nobel Commission – and who really needs money more than broke college students?

So here’s the skinny: we’ll give $4,500 to applicants who successfully work with a sponsoring organization or advisor to create innovative or useful open source software. We’ll also get you a t-shirt to go along with the cash.

This year Google will be spending $4,000,000 funding an expected 800 students to work with 131 mentoring organizations on hundreds of projects around the world.

The OSL is currently accepting student applications for the summer. Please visit the student application page to submit your proposal. The deadline for student applications has been extended to Monday, March 26, 2007, 5:00pm Pacific time. We also encourage any students interested in applying to visit our Summer of Code Ideas page to see what projects we hope to mentor this year.

On behalf of our students and all the projects who benefit from Google's generosity, thank you Google!

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