Rackathon & Fundraising update

Please accept our apologies for the latest rackathon update, it was weeks overdue. We wanted to move our rackathon signs up to the new data center, and in the process of doing so change the format a bit to show logos of some of the key projects found inside. This format is a work in progress. For now, we have put signs up on two of our racks (with many more looking bare). Take a look at the pictures at osuosl.org/contribute/rackathonpics.

As mentioned before, we are working on a more formalized sponsorship program that would encompass our corporate sponsors, projects, and individuals alike. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for the launch. Organizations wishing to get in on this program as initial sponsors, feel free to email donations at osuosl.org.

Read more for some of what we are raising funds for..
We help open source project development by providing resources to those projects. In that sense we are a bit transparent, but there is a lot that goes on here beyond just your typical colocation. We raise money for:

  • Physical facilities for the hosting of Open Source projects and communities (power/space/hvac)
  • servers for projects in need
  • internet connectivity and bandwidth
  • shared resources for our hosted communities
  • support staff and "smart hands" for hosted systems
  • systems administration consultation
  • 24x7 monitoring and response to outages
  • Student interns; both developers and system administrators
  • Development of new open source projects incubated at the OSL
  • Student outreach and FLOSS advocacy across Oregon
  • Open Source consultancy in the Public Sector