September Spotlight: GOSCON

GOSCON screenshotOSU's Open Source Lab is pleased to present the second annual Government Open Source Conference in Portland, Oregon on October 12-13, 2006. GOSCON will feature industry leaders - public and private –gathering to inform and discuss the current use and adoption of Open Source Software. The one and one-half day non-profit conference was developed and is produced as part of OSL's Public Sector communities program (that's all levels of government, as well as public education). Adoption of Open Source Software and its development methodologies presents unique opportunities and challenges in that sector and it is OSU's aim to provide quality information for informed decision-making as well as supporting community development. The conference is designed for IT management, is filled with practical information and strategies for anyone considering how Open Source Software will fit into their technology strategy. GOSCON provides senior public sector decision-makers outstanding access to industry leaders as well as agency peers whose programs, operations and budgets are impacted by significant shifts in the industry,

Please share the news with government IT leaders in your area.

Also in 2006, GOSCON is pleased to add a new track for the public transit community. A full set of tracks, including TransitForum meetings (a consortia of approximately a dozen transit authorities from across the US) is now part of the program.

The target audience for GOSCON is Chief Information Officers, Public Administrators and other managers with a responsibility for Information Technology along with their strategic planners and legal staff. Cross-state associations with common or shared business practices and problems will want to attend and consider collaborative development projects.

Keynotes include:

  • Brian Behlendorf, CTO, CollabNet, primary developer of the Apache Web Server and a founding member of the Apache Group, which later became the Apache Software Foundation.
  • Stuart Cohen, CEO, Open Source Development Lab, non-profit organization providing state-of the-art computing and test facilities in the United States and Japan available to developers around the world.
  • Ward Cunningham, Director, Committer Community Development, Eclipse Foundation, widely known for his invention of the Wiki, the key collaboration tool in use by development communities.
  • Brad Wheeler, IU CIO, serves in leadership roles for over $16M of shared university investments in open source software and serves on the board of the Sakai Foundation and chairs the Kuali Project Board.
Speaker Highlights (please see the conference site for a full schedule):
  • Drew Ladner, JBoss Government General Manager and former CIO, US Treasury Department and member, Council on Foreign Relations.
  • John Scott, Director of Open Integration, Radiant Blue will present the newly-released DOD Open Technology Development Road Map.
  • Bill Welty, CIO State of California Air Resources Board and former director of the Office of Technology Adaptation and Planning, State Controllers Office.

For more information including registration please visit: or call Deborah Bryant, conference director at 1.541.737.6614 .