Google Summer of Code Projects at OSUOSL

OSUOSL will be mentoring three students in this summer's GSoC. We are currently in the "community bonding" period, and we are eagerly awaiting May 26th when the coding will commence! Our students are all very promising and we hope for this to be a very successful summer.

This year's projects include:

FOSSology -- Kurt Maier will be working to create code dependency analysis for the FOSSology project. This will be an agent which scans through source code and autoconf files for a given package and report back the code dependancies found within.

Helix Producer -- Arup Chakraborty will be developing a G.729 codec for Helix Producer.

Unify -- Luis Francisco Araujo Camarillo will be working on Unify helping to create a framework for creating software packages for multiple Linux distributions as well as for Solaris.

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