Hey, it's about time the Rackathon had some new ideas implemented so the OSL is looking for some. We figure that since we are supporting open source, our support should be open to changes as well.

We are looking for new ideas that change how Rackathon operates, ways to bring attention to Rackathon, and how to show off the people who have donated. Any ideas you can come up with will be greatly appreciated!

Here are some of the ideas we've come up with so far:

  • Decay - reduce the size of a person's name every week or month until they either drop off the page or are left at the smallest size
  • Ticker - have sponsors rotating through the top of osuosl.org (possibly links to the site of their choosing)
  • Messages - allow people to tie messages to their donation that display on the Rackathon webpage

If you have any ideas about what the future of Rackathon should look like or just don't like some of the ideas we've come up with, post it in the comments.


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