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Saving, Loading, and interacting with Helix Producer Jobs

Fri, 06/22/2007 - 11:44am

The encoding job is the object that the producer SDK revolves around. It contains configuration for what, when and how something is encoded. It is defined by IHTXEncodingJob and implemented by CHXTEncodingJob. Most of the producer client logic will deal with creating and manipulating this object and its children

This example shows an input being created and added to the job.

// Create the input
IHXTInput* pInput = NULL;
if (SUCCEEDED(res))
res = m_pFactory->BuildInstance(IID_IHXTInput, pInitParams, (IUnknown**)&pInput);// Set the input on the encoding job
if (SUCCEEDED(res))
res = m_pJob->SetInput(pInput);

Encoding jobs can also be stored or read from xml files. CHXTEncodingJob implements IHXTUserConfigFile which contains the methods WriteToFile(…) and ReadFromFile(…). This feature won’t be needed by all clients but its easy and unobtrusive to add.

// Get the serialization interface
IHXTUserConfigFile* pSerializer = NULL;
res = m_pJob->QueryInterface(IID_IHXTUserConfigFile, (void**)&pSerializer);// Save the job to a file
if (SUCCEEDED(res))
res = pSerializer->WriteToFile(szInput);

IHXTEncodingJob isn’t the only interface that can be serialized. Audiences can be stored separately so they may be reused in different jobs.

This code snippet taken from the command line producer app shows an audience being read from a file

IHXTAudiencePtr spAudDef;
res = m_spFactory->CreateInstance(IID_IHXTAudience, (IUnknown**)spAudDef.Adopt());
IHXTUserConfigFilePtr spSerial;// retrieve serialization interface
if ( SUCCEEDED(res) )
res=spAudDef0->QueryInterface(IID_IHXTUserConfigFile, (void**)spSerial.Adopt());

//deserialize audience
if ( SUCCEEDED(res) )
res = spSerial->ReadFromFile( audpath.c_str(), !m_Params.bDisableUpdateCodecs);

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